Why not a smart LED zebra?

As LED lighting has taken over nearly every moment of our daily lives and many cities around the world have completely replaced their street lights with LEDs, the time of smart zebras has come as well.

Imagine a zebra crossing whose surface is lined by LEDs that light up your way when you cross. This light signals both to drivers and to cyclists that there are pedestrians crossing. In this way, even if you are hidden by the trees along the pavement or distracted by your phone, crossing becomes much safer. This is also an option that is significantly more secure for children, who are much more likely to rush out in the street without thinking of their safety.

Light up Christmas!

December = family + presents + home. In the most festive month of the year, when the whole family is together again, we are going to address the cosiness at home. You can supplement the festive home atmosphere with suitable LED products and light up Christmas!

LEDs are not only the light of the future but also the art of the future. They offer a wide variety of colour options and shapes, which can supplement your home’s appearance regardless of whether you are a lover of classical or contemporary interior design styles.

Can LED lighting save the planet?

We live in a world where our food is organic, our coffee is organic, we dress our children in organic cotton … but do we ever stop to think if our lighting is also environmentally friendly?

In our busy daily routines we use artificial light to complete all daily tasks both at home and in the office but how does that affect our planet?

Lighting level management through the method 1-10 V

One of the most common forms of regulating lighting levels in LED systems is the 1-10V management.

This method is very similar to the direct dimming approach except that the driver uses a 1-10 V analogue signal coming from a multichannel dimmer to define the quantity of light necessary.

Such dimmers have a relay system that interrupts the chain while a multitude of drivers control the brightness of a single light-source.

LED grand piano at the Lights Festival in California

An autumn night, a city park, bright LED flowers, neon benches, music and glowing mirrors – that’s not a magic dream but part of abstract art installations at the traditional Lights Festival held in Oakland, California. The event started 6 years ago as a lantern fest but now it gives us the latest and most innovative lighting technology.

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