Important announcement about product VT-23042 - SKU3016


1.1 Due to found incompliance with EMC directive of the early versions of product VT-23042 – SKU3016, we pray for your cooperation to return the product as indicated above in our central warehouse at the following address, for a free exchange in which you will receive the updated, fully compliant version of the product:

" V - TAC EUROPE " Ltd.
1, Iliyansko Shaussee Str., Fl.2, office 21
1220 Sofia, BULGARIA

1.2 The VT-23042 – SKU3016 power supplies come with two different boxes as shown below. The first one contains the faulty item, while the second one is with the updated product. We ask that you only return products with the first type of box, as the second one is fully compliant.

1.3 We as a responsible economic operator hope that all of the customers of V-TAC will not be disappointed by this error, and will continue to trust us, as we put every effort in providing quality products. We apologize for this mistake.


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