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Already a lot of people have opted for LED lighting for their homes, offices, gyms or shops. Then why use traditional bulbs in your garage? Also traditional is the tendency not to invest in this part of the estate but there are benefits to doing the opposite.

Welcome this spring with V-TAC

Spring, birds and bees, and why not a dinner on the terrace with your closest ones too? After the endless winter we can finally enjoy warm evenings outside. Every restaurant is competing in the race to create the best garden so what are we going to do about our homes’ outdoor areas?

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About Us

We are V-TAC – a trusted LED supplier in Europe - the European team of the multinational company V-TAC, with offices in Bulgaria (Sofia), Great Britain (London), UAE (Dubai), India (Mumbai), Hungary (Budapest), Romania (Bucharest), and Austria (Vienna).

Our logistical hub in Sofia has reached square surface area of 40 000 square meters.