Gypsum light fixtures

Gypsum light fixtures

For hundreds of years, plaster has been a preferred material in the decoration of palaces and mansions. Today, however, we are witnessing a growing interest in gypsum light fixtures.

They are environmentally friendly, have no toxic coating, and are harmless to nature. This makes them perfect for any type of space – living room, children's room, bedroom, office, etc. Furthermore, due to the nature of the material, damages incurred during transportation or installation can usually be easily repaired.

The biggest advantage of gypsum light fixtures actually lies in the fact that they can be painted. Moreover, they can be decorated with a variety of techniques and materials – decoupage, textured plaster finishes, acrylic paints, etc.

The installation method itself is particular and allows the light fixture to "blend" into the wall, creating the illusion of soft light coming from an opening in the wall, something that will surely attract the attention of all guests in your home.

To gain an understanding of the installation process, we invite you to watch our video tutorial.