Walk ahead with V-TAC

Walk ahead with V-TAC

Shopping centers are some of the most visited places during the cold months. They should not only offer wide range of services – cinema, restaurants, coffeeshops, stores, play centers, but also ensure the pleasant experience of their visitors.

That's why the best lighting solution is using LED. It is closest to natural daylight and does not cause the inconvenience of other artificial sources such as flickering or buzzing. Moreover, it does not irritate the eyes and allows customers to see the true colors of their chosen clothes for example. This would increase the number of visitors, which is certainly the most important goal. Let’s also not forget that investing in LED lighting will reduce energy costs in the long run.

Another major objective for such a facility is ensuring the safety of both employees and visitors. LED lights are significantly less heated than other lamps even after hours of operation, which reduces the risk of burns or fire.

We also have to add the increased life expectancy, reduced maintenance costs, and improved light quality to the benefits of LEDs.

Additionally, in terms of attractiveness of the shopping center, we should note the palette of different colors which allows for more creative illuminated facades or the differentiation of individual zones in different nuances.

V-TAC offers a wide range of products that can satisfy every taste, and why not garden lighting for the roof of the shopping mall which can be turned into a small green paradise.