In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

Everyone likes to be the centre of attention and always in the spotlight but the most significant thing is what light people see you in. That is especially important for actors, who perform before audiences daily.

Stage lighting in theatres shouldn’t be underestimated as, according to Otto Piene, light is the most expansive medium and it carries the energy from the actor to the spectator. It thrills us and enables the audience to live the story.

This effect is carried out even better with LEDs. Their brightness levels can be regulated easily and different parts of the day can be portrayed on stage – from morning walks to candle- or moon-lit dinners. This significantly facilitates lighting men, scenographers and designers’ jobs and the audience gets an even more realistic picture completed by the characters.

Let’s not forget that LEDs put the least strain on the human eye, which is beneficial not only for actors but for spectators too. They are also highly energy efficient and much longer lasting compared to traditional light sources.

But you don’t have to wait to go to the theatre in order to enjoy the spotlight. With V-TAC’s products you can turn your home into a stage and the light – into art.