Say YES to V-TAC in 2019 too

Say YES to V-TAC in 2019 too

New Year – a new beginning, but also a time to look back and remember the successes of the past year. And when you have stood firm on the market for as long as 9 years, developing your ideas, results follow.

V-TAC’s team proved loyal to the pursuit of reliability and quality in 2018 as well. As part of this pursuit, the company signed a contract for the supply and delivery of LED chips and components by SAMSUNG with a warranty of 5 years.

New products for smart homes were also introduced – the V-TAC Smart Home range. They provide the user with the opportunity to enjoy a more comfortable living environment and through the V-TAC Smart Home App (for iOS and Android) you can manage your home with your smartphone. The company’s aspiration for being part of the technology of the future will continue in 2019 as well, when V-TAC will go on widening the product range.

Additionally, V-TAC Europe ranked among the top 100 of London Stock Exchange Group's prestigious report “1000 Companies to Inspire Europe”. The list includes only companies that showed a constant growth of revenue over at least 3 years and exceeded their competitors’ results considerably.

V- TAC left its mark in the field of art as well in the past year. Streetlight is a monumental LED sculpture by the Bulgarian artist Stefan Nikolaev, created entirely out of V-TAC products, which was placed by the entrance of Grand Palais in Paris.

By choosing V-TAC in 2019 you select quality LED lighting for you and for those close to you.