Warning! Which lamps threaten our health?

Warning! Which lamps threaten our health?

The LED lighting of V-TAC saves more power than the energy-saving lighting and is not dangerous in case of breaking bulbs.

Incredible as it may sound, the bulbs in the room is responsible to a large extent not only for the tone and mood, but also for our health. Poor-quality artificial lighting could lead to depression, headaches, and a weakened immune system.

According to the German specialist in the problems of the impact of lighting on humans Alexander Vunsch, the presence of mercury in energy-saving bulbs can trigger hormonal changes in the body. Furthermore, although quite low, their ultraviolet radiation provokes dermatological problems in people with increased skin sensitivity, said the chairman of the European Society of Photodermatology prof. John Hawk. Other studies have concluded that phenol and harmful vapours, which are used in the production of economical bulbs, are emitted continuously when the lighting is on.

Led by the presumption that the price is a major criterion in the selection of lighting for home or office, many people prefer compact fluorescent lamps, known in this country as energy-saving models, but isn’t our health and safety in the first place? These bulbs should be sold with detailed instructions on the proper way in which consumers must act, if the product breaks. Then it becomes seriously dangerous, especially for children and pregnant women.

When the energy-saving (fluorescent) lamp breaks

According to the German Federal Office for the Environment, when an energy-saving (CFL) bulb breaks, it emits 0.35 micrograms of mercury per cubic meter which exceeds 20 times the permitted norm. You need immediately to open windows to ventilate the room well, and people and pets should go out. Then you need to put gloves and carefully collect the remaining mercury using a wet cloth and tape, where the mercury balls will easily stick on.

According to the prescriptions of the Civil Protection, which relate to the breaking of old mercury thermometers, the spilled substance is treated first with sulphur and dust, and then the beads are collected with a pump, a sheet of copper foil, a brush or a vacuum cleaner with a retaining filter. The place is cleaned with detergents. If swallowed or splashed in the eyes, immediately rinse thoroughly with water. If children have played with moving balls, remove their clothes and bathe them. Note that in all cases of mercury poisoning specialists advised to immediately seek the help of a doctor-toxicologist.

Adequate lighting solution with V-TAC

V-TAC is a leading importer of LED lighting products in Europe. Their bulbs are not only completely safe and do not emit harmful emissions, but have proven energy efficiency – they last several times longer than the conventional ones. They use only 2 -17 watts, only 1/3 to 1/30 of the energy needed to fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

The warranty of LEDs is two to five years, moreover, they are far more durable and resistant to shock – in case of breaking a V-TAC lamp you do not need to wear gloves or to call the Civil Protection.

It is important to know as well that V-TAC bulbs are not heated greatly and do not heat additionally the room which makes them easy and pleasant to use. The brand offers three colours of light - cool, neutral and warm.

Light is not only an interior solution, it has a significant impact on the human psyche and requires a special attitude.