LED lights in the metro

LED lights in the metro

LED lights have already covered all areas of our life. But their potential for making cities greener places with higher quality life has yet to reach its peak. During the last few years, more and more world capitals have switched from standard lighting to energy effective LEDs in metro stations.

That makes lighting in underground stations as close as possible to natural and non-irritant to the eye. That is a huge plus to one of the most preferred public transportation means in the world that allows us to reach our destination quickly.

In addition, LED lights make metro stations and tracks lighter which reduces the prerequisites for incidents. LEDs are safer than standard lamps which makes them perfect for underground stations. They also save a significant amount of energy which lowers the expenses for municipalities.

Let’s also not forget that LED lights do not contain toxic materials and are 100% recyclable. Surely, a complete overhaul of the lighting system is an investment, but the benefits for the people and the environments are worth it. Besides, the investment repays quickly thanks to the low electricity and maintenance bills.

V-TAC offers quality lighting capable of meeting the needs of any city trying to reduce its environmental footprint on the planet.