V-TAC for those who are active

V-TAC for those who are active

Smartphones have long become an integral part of our daily lives, whether we arrange meetings, send emails, take pictures of favourite places, drive a car or listen to music. Technological companies are working hard to facilitate these activities and to enable users to reach maximum comfort.

V-TAC’s newest product line follows these tendencies as well and offers high-quality Bluetooth earphones and powerbanks for your smartphone. The series also includes USB cables compatible with Android and there are specially-designed ones for iPhonеs. They have the licensed Made for iPhone chip, which guarantees they will work problem-free like the ones offered by Apple.

The earphones’ charge lasts from 7 to 12 hours, in which time you can drive safely, enjoy a morning run in the park or escape the city noise thanks to your favourite song.

The powerbanks offer a full recharge up to 4 times and sport a clear design in several fresh colours. They have 2 USB ports and their warranty is 2 years. Another advantage is their compatibility with both Android and iOS.

So you only have to pack and head on your next trip or a family holiday outdoors and V-TAC will take care of your phone’s battery. Get with the times and ensure this convenience for yourself to be able to freeze all unforgettable moments in your life.