Preserving Books

Preserving Books

All books – from dog-ear books at home to unique tomes at public libraries – need quality LED lighting. It ensures not only better reading conditions but also doesn’t heat the place, which would be detrimental to fragile printed editions.

LEDs’ clear design, the ability to direct the light to certain tomes or signs, as well as the low power consumption is only a few of the advantages of this technology. These lights also help with finding editions more easily and create a more attractive, modern and elegant atmosphere in the whole library.

And as if that was not enough – LEDs emphasise the beauty of books and make them more attractive to readers. At the same time they significantly reduce the risk of a fire, which is essential both for ensuring the safety of visitors and for preserving the printed editions.

In addition to lighting inside the building, LEDs can be used to accentuate any antique façade, which is yet another advantage to the overall image of a library.

If you are a book lover and like to contribute to your home collection often, you have to pay particular attention to your lighting at home, because not only comfort in the kitchen or bathroom is important, but also taking care of the reading experience.

Reading the printed word may be a dying tradition, but a well-maintained library can change that. If you want to take care of your book collection, you can count on V-TAC’s wide range of products.