Withdrawal from the market of products VT-4820 and SKU 4229

This current message is in relation to supervision and carried out tests on LED floodlights and LED bulbs from the State Agency for Metrology and Technical Surveillance – Bulgaria.

  1. LED floodlights with the following number: VT-4820, SKU 5760, 5718, 5719, 20W
  2. LED bulbs with the following number: SKU 4229, from batches 1702 and 2803, 12W

We advice for your cooperation to return the product in our central warehouse and they will be changed to the corresponding new models or a credit note will be issued.

Take care of your pet’s eyesight with V-TAC

The decision to take a dog is often spontaneous without thinking too much, we are taking an unfortunate creature out of the street, or saving it from the narrow cage of the pet shop. In most Western countries and the United States, however, pets are not just "taken", they are adopted as children. Adopters need to prove they are worthy to take responsibility for their lives and health. We do not have such rules in our country, so it is at least necessary to educate ourselves if we want to be good "parents". Do you know, for example, that you need to be very careful with their vision?

V-TAC saves for the fund "I'm a human, too"

How nice would it be if you find a way to save every month from household spending, right? And without compromising at the expense of quality. It is enough to choose the right lighting and imperceptibly the fund "I’m a human, too" will increase significantly.

LED bulbs from V-TAC For quiet babies

Lighting is one of the most important factors in the lives of babies. According to pediatricians, newborn babies do not see anything, the bright light makes them annoyed. The ability to perceive the images is gradually formed, at first their vision is blurred and obscure, but after the first month they can now hold their eyes on Mom's face. After the third month they learn to distinguish colors, the brighter they attract more, and intuitively begin to get to know their impact. It has been shown, for example, that blue acts soothing to overactive youngsters, especially boys.

V-TAC for a more beautiful hair color

Has it happened to you when you goto a hairdresser after work, to getyour hair painted in the desired color and to remain very pleased, but in the next morning you realize the the color is quite different? Suddenly, the slight purple hue that you liked the night before does not look much brighter, the shimmering blondes are actually yellow, and the red is not like a merlot but goes to orange. The lesson is not that the morning is wiser than the evening, or your imagination works only in the dark. The problem has a very simple and rational explanation and is due to the wrong artificial lighting.

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