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  • COB Downlights
  • LED Panel 36W 600 x 600 mm 3 in 1 W/O Driver & Remote Controller
  • NEW ARRIVALS  T5 LED Tubes with Fitting 30cm, 60cm, 120cm; 4W, 7W, 14W.
  • surface
  • smd lamps
  • new arrivals
  • new arrivals
  • waterproof lamps


We are V-TAC Europe Ltd. – Europe’s trusted LED supplier. We are the European team of the global V-TAC Exports Limited Company with responsible offices in the following territories: UAE (Dubai), India (Mumbai), Bulgaria (Sofia) and Great Britain (London)

With more than 4 years of experience we have developed a rapidly expanding company on the international LED wholesale arena. We are proud of the successful partnerships we have created in West, East, Central Europe and the Balkan region. Of course this means only one – we are looking to start another partnership maybe even with you and create value for your business and boost your LED sales with quality, affordability and immense product variety.

"V-TAC" is a registered trademark, created and developed by the idea of LED lighting. The main objective is design, development and distribution of all kinds of LED lighting solutions, with a focus on mass products and achievement of best price/quality ratio.
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Benefits of LED Lighting

Huge savings,  Much longer life,  Environment-friendly,  Low heat emission